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Great communication! Very quick turn around time and EXCELLENT result!They took an old black and white, faded photo and brought it to life. The faces became crystal clear and period appropriate color was added. I was very happy! 

Robin F., Laconia, New Hampshire

Angie was awesome!! She did a great job getting my dad’s slides onto a thumb drive. I got to spend some quality time with my dad while we checked out the pictures and he told all the stories behind them. Angie was sweet enough to also review the pictures with my parents and also listened to all the stories. She does an excellent job of transferring the pictures and provides top notch service as well. I highly recommend Angie to sort and transfer your family photos!!  

Brett L., New Hampshire

I had a photo book made for Fathers Day for my dad. The pictures were on my phone and Angie sat with me and helped me make an album on my phone so I could share them with her. The next week I had the most amazing book for him while he was battling cancer in the hospital. she added great motivational sayings that made my dad smile. I am so happy I hired Angelina. I will cherish the book and the experience forever. 

Marianne B., Windham, New Hampshire

I have had old ripped family photos preserved and look like new. Amazing work. 

Veronica L., Salem, New Hampshire

"Preserving Memories is amazing! Having my photos organized has taken so much stress off of me. Angelina kept me updated through the process, and the finished product is exactly what she told me it would be. Her work is great, and she is quick. She has answered all of my questions, and she always gets back to me in a timely manner. She has even Face Timed me to walk me through things. I highly recommend Preserving Memories. I recently was able to print photos for daughter’s baby book, and I could easily find all the photos I wanted. Thank you Angelina!"

H. M. - Windham, NH

"Angie has been a lifesaver! She took all of my photos from various sources (back up drive, thumb drives, SD cards, etc) over approximately 10 years and completely organized them! In chronological order! She was wonderful at our pre and post meetings and I knows that she would take care of our precious photos. Next, she’s now going to help me organize all of my videos. Highly, highly recommend!!!!."


Brenda L., New Hampshire

Angelina is a miracle worker. She has helped me get control of my digital photos and a strategy for managing them going forward. She knows the best software tools to use and can customize a system that works for you. I had photos all over the place with multiple virtual and physical backups that was out of control. Now all is rationalized. I look forward to working with Angelina on my pre-digital collection and all that I inherited from my family.

Susan W. - Concord, NH

 "I had around 600 old, moldy, discolored slides from the 1960s that I wanted to have digitized to share with my family.  Angelina did an impeccable job and received rave reviews from my family and siblings who had not seen the photos in over 50 years!  It was heartwarming to see and hear their reactions.  The turn-around time for this massive undertaking was amazingly fast! "  

Mary Ann, Windham, New Hampshire

My mom had cataloged 25 years of family photos (with each photo noted.). All the scanning was completed in extremely high quality, and wonderfully done. You cannot afford NOT to do this - were something to have happened to the albums, these moments would have been lost forever. I wholeheartedly recommend Angie, and will be having her safeguard our old family movies as well. 

Matt K., Manchester, New Hampshire

Angelina is awesome. She does an excellent job. I dropped off a disorganized pile of photos, slides, and old film movies, and got back perfect digital versions of everything (all labeled and organized), along with completely organized originals.
Not only is she great at what she does, but she’s also very nice. While I had never met her prior to this project (I found her business online, via google or thumbtack I think), it now feels like I have known her and her family forever. They already feel like friends. And I trust her.
When it’s time to digitize more of my disorganized mess of photos still at home, I will definitely bring those to Angelina. Highly recommended!


Jeff Cassidy, Boston, MA

Giving a great THANK YOU to Angelina at Preserving Memories. I gave her all my photos - prints and digital - from BIRTH until 2018 and she scanned and organized them all. I am so grateful that I have all my memories on a simple hard drive for easy access. It has inspired me to get back into my photography hobby as I could see all the pics I have taken on vacations, birding, special occasions.

Sue N. Venice, FL 

Shout out to Preserving Memories, LLC! Both of my parents had passed away within 38 days of each other (Oct & Nov 2019). They were able to scan thousands of photos for me and completed within a couple of days! As a result of there valuable service I was able to put together a slide show for two different Celebration of Life Events! They are extremely organized and as a result my old photos are too! Check out the box of pictures after I received them back from them!


Matt D., Windham, NH

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