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Our scanning services cannot be compared to large national companies. We provide a personal service and get to know each customer. We also use a far superior system and equipment for the best possible results for every image we digitize. We know that each item you give us to digitize has meaning and a story. It is our mission to preserve it  safely and properly. We do not use auto fed scanners for several reason. They do not produce true colors, they can leave streaks and poses damage to photos should they get jammed.  

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  • Photos

  • Negatives

  • Slides

  • Framed Art

  • Scrapbooks

  • Documents

  • Recipes

  • Letters

  • Photo Albums

  • Memorabilia 

What We Digitize
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We will:

  • Clean and hand scan each photo, negative or slide individually prior to scanning to remove dust, debris and fingerprints.

  • Scan using a method called "Camera Scanning"VS. an Hi Speed Auto-feed Scanner. We use a 24 megapixel camera for archival quality scans, the same method used by the National Archives Museum, adhering to FADGI (Federal Agency Digital Guidelines Initiatives) standards. This yields higher resolution, truer/sharper colors and no streaks. Option to have Raw/ TIFF images at no additional cost. It also greatly reduces the chance of damage to already fragile photos and albums. Our

  • Color correct and spot touch up damaged photos all included in the scanning price. Further restoration services are available for heavily damaged photos. See Photo Restoration for more information. 

  • Digital file saved on USB Flash, DVD or External Hard drive

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Auto fed photo vs Camera Scanned. No editing has been done to either photo. Photos with dark colors have the most dramatic differences. If you are going to invest your money to have your items digitized, don't you want the best quality scan you can get?

Auto fed scan
(Method used by most companies)

Camera Scanned Photo
(Our method)

An example of a discolored slide. We color corrected to bring back original colors and spot touched up dirt and debris that was permanently etched into the slide. 
Use the slider to see the before and after.

Have you ever noticed old photos having a silver sheen to them? Old photos used to be printed on a layer of silver. Improper storage, heat, fingerprints etc can break down the emulsion and expose the silver, especially around dark areas of the print. The decay is irreversible. Traditional scanning will only exacerbate the silver sheen.

The fix? We camera scan all photos for optimum results and in this case we also use a method called cross polarization to eliminate the sheen and bring out the true original colors.

Flatbed scan

Camera scan

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