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VHS Tapes
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Media Conversion

Don't have a VCR or film projector to view cherished, old home movies? Let us make viewing and sharing these memories easy. Media such as VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, film reels and even DVDs have a limited shelf life. Studies show that the magnetic media stored in good conditions still decay 10-20% over just 10 years! Don't wait until it's too late to transfer your movies to a digital format. We use top of the line professional equipment to yield the best possible results for your home movies.

We will:

  • Clean film reels of dust and debris before converting

  • Splice film when needed

  • Retain audio from film reels with sound

  • Use top of the line professional equipment to yield the best possible results for your home movies.

  • Convert your item to MP3 or MP4 digital files

  • Option to have digital file saved on USB Flash or External Hard drive

  • Return your items

New option now available to have all your home movies uploaded on your own TV app called Projector for easy shareability from anywhere on any device!
As a Projector Affiliate, we  will digitize your home movies, create your Projector account & upload your videos & photos. Projector is a streaming service that allows users to watch their own home movies & videos on a TV. Imagine watching your own family videos on your TV as easily as you would watch a movie on Netflix. Welcome to Projector!The Projector Smart TV App is available on Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire,  Google TV , Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV .  You can now easily view, share and preserve your cherished family history forever.  You can upload your videos and photos, organize and customize your own video streaming app in a few minutes. View below to see how it works, signup yourself or contact us to help you get set up!

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What we convert: 


  • VHS

  • VHS-C

  • Hi8

  • Digital 8

  • Video 8

  • MiniDV

  • MicroMV

  • Betamax

  • Betacam

  • U-Matic


  • 8mm without sound

  • Super 8 with and without sound

  • 16mm


  • Audio cassette tapes

  • Micro Cassettes

  • Reel to Reel

  • Vinyl Records

Film reels

Take a trip back in time

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