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You’ve daydreamed about the flexibility of a home-based business that actually helps people and makes a difference.

One that could begin as a side hustle and eventually replace your corporate job.

Today, people are snapping a trillion photos annually. And the photos are stored on all different devices. It’s a digital disaster.

The professional photo organizing industry is booming because people need help, and demand is growing every year.

It’s officially a thing.

When you join The Photo Managers, you become part of a global community of photo organizers, family storytellers, and business owners doing work they love.

You’ll learn a step-by-step process laid out for you to be up and running with your first project, within your first year of membership.

Take courses that teach everything from organizing digital photos to understanding finances and targeting your ideal customer.

Become part of an uber-supportive community of thriving business owners who help you get started and share information along the way.

Join The Photo Managers certification program for extra credibility, best practices, and a code of ethics.

And attend an annual conference to connect with your community, meet vendors, learn from experts as well as from your photo organizing peers.

Becoming a Photo Manger Member is by far the best decision I have ever made. It's the reason I am where I am, doing what I love. The community of fellow TPM members lifts each other up and supports each other. If you want to join this amazing community and  have a thriving, profitable business click the link below! 

If you do decide to become a member and start your own business, we sell fully customizable contracts, and order forms that are instantly downloadable! Click on the TPM tab and enter passcode TPM.

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