About Preserving Memories

Do you have boxes of precious old photos, albums (photo and scrapbook), and other media you want to preserve and share but  are overwhelmed with the process? Having them left the way they are subjects them to potential damage.


Let's be honest. You know your photos are in mayhem. The though of organizing them stresses you out. You've started several times to make sense of them, but its time consuming and overwhelming. So you put it off for another day... or year.  What makes it worse is we take THOUSANDS of more photos each year and technology is changing faster than ever. This results in us having photos on all different devices, unorganized and at risk for being lost. Our services are designed to help people who have very little extra time or don't know how or where to begin organizing and storing their photos and memories. 

Preserving Memories provides a wide range of Photo Organizing services to meet your needs in the Southern NH and Greater Boston area as well as providing remote photo organizing services.

About the Owner

I live in Southern NH with my husband and two young kids- who keep me very busy! I've always loved photography, scrap-booking and genealogy- and boy do I have a LOT of photos! Photos where in boxes, on flip phones, thumb drives, Android phones, iPhones... you get the picture? (No pun intended!)

I learned that I was not alone and there was a huge need for Photo Organizing.


Determined to get all my photos in order, I joined APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) to get some tips, and decided to do it as a profession. I am a Forever Ambassador, and also a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals).

Preserving Memories, LLC

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