About the Owner

Angelina McGlashan is the owner, founder and Certified Photo Manager of Preserving Memories. She operates her business out of her home studio in Windham NH where she resides with her husband, two teenagers and two cats. 

Although she has been a licensed nurse since 1995, she discovered there was a huge need for photo organizing and digitizing analog media that is outdated. Having a love for genealogy, photos and organizing, she knew this was a much needed niche and wanted to help others save and enjoy their photos and videos, so in 2018 she opened her own business. 

Her favorite thing to do is digitizing old film reels and photos. "They tell the stories our ancestors intended for us to learn and pass down. We need to honor them and do the same for our future generations. It's so rewarding to help families preserve the old and the new."- Angelina McGlashan