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Save & share your memories

Backup and Storage

I’m sure you already know, having all your photos just on a PC or in the cloud just isn’t good enough to ensure your memories safe. It is recommended that you have AT LEAST 3 copies of your digital files backed up in at least 2 locations. We can help you with backing up your files onto external hard drives- but they only have a limited lifespan too. That's where Forever Storage® Account takes storage to a whole new level.

What is a Forever Storage® Account?

Unlike other storage services, which allow you to ‘rent’ storage on a monthly basis, you pay once for your Forever Storage® Account, and it’s yours – forever.


  • Forever guarantees the protection of your memories for your lifetime plus 100 years, thanks to the Forever™ Guarantee Fund. It’s a conservatively managed trust, sustained by member purchases, that grows over time. In short: it pays for your storage, forever.

  • Storage guaranteed for generations.

  • Photos preserved in highest resolution.

  • Files will be migrated to newer formats as old formats become obsolete.


  • With Forever, you own the storage space and everything that goes in it. That’s another first online. We don’t mess with your data.

  • Maintain legal ownership of your content and storage space. 

  • Control who can view your photos with comprehensive privacy settings. 

  • Trust your data will not be mined or sold to advertisers.


  • Upload and organize photos easily

  • Create beautiful photo albums

  • Preserve keepsakes and artwork and save family artifacts.


  • With a Forever Storage® Account, you can upload, edit, and enjoy your most cherished memories on any device, in any place.

  • Upload from Apple and Android smartphones and tablets .

  • Capture great memories as they happen by scanning and/uploading. 


  • What’s a photo album if you can’t show it to your loved ones? Forever offers the most secure and private social features in the industry.

  • Share seamlessly within an authentic friends and family group

  • Share easily via email or social networks using a link you control.

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