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*Updated*  Are you tired of spending hours trying to come up with a  General Contract that is specific to Photo Managers? Do you wish you had a magic want to create one? Over the last 6 years, we have taken hundreds of client scenarios and critiqued our General Contract to cover all the bases. This contract was created by a small buisness lawyer and we have only added to it as we encountered situations. It covers the Scope of Work, Limits of Liability, Privacy Policy, Explicit Content, Client's Responsibilities, Media Rights, Ownership and Copyright, Termination, Billing, Fees and Payment Terms, Shipping, Succession in the Event of Client Incapacitation, Handling and Disposal Terms, Before and After Photo Terms and Governing Law and Jurisdiction. 

Use this fully customizable 4 page PDF file in addition to your specific project order form. Just add your company name and logo, change any wording and pricing to suit your specifications/jurisdiction and save. 

*This template is designed for your use only.  It is strongly advised that you have your own legal representative review and add/remove any legalese specific to your niche and jurisdicion.

This content is licensed exclusively to paying members. Please do not  redistribute.

General Contract

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