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Introducing the Ultimate Photo Manager Bundle Deal!  We have spent over 6 years and have had countless client interactions and unique scenarios to enable us to come up with these forms. This exclusive package is designed to streamline your photo management process with clients and enhance your overall efficiency. The bundle includes a comprehensive collection of customizable order forms, general contract, inventory intake forms and educational tools. Let's dive into the details of what this amazing deal offers:


  1.  General Contract- updated!
  2.  Digital Photo Organizng Order Form
  3.  Print Photo Organizing and Scanning Order Form
  4.  Photos, Albums and Art Scanning Order Form
  5.  Slide Scanning Order Form
  6.  Negative Scanning Order Form
  7.  Video Tape and Cassette Tape Order Form
  8.  Film Reel and Audio Reel to Reel Order Form
  9.  Client Inventory Fillable PDF Form
  10.  Photo Restoration Order Form
  11.  3-2-1 Backup Plan to give to client
  12.  Smart TV USB Playback directions to give to clients


These forms allow you to effortlessly collect and organize order details from your clients. The forms are customizable PDF forms so you can add or delete wording and services to suit your needs, adjust pricing and add your company information and logo.


By availing yourself of the Ultimate Photo Manager Bundle Deal, you gain access to a comprehensive set of forms that will revolutionize your photo management process. Whether you are a new photo manager or have been doing this for years and just don't feel you have the right forms, these will enhance your organization, streamline client interactions, and ultimately save you time and effort. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your business to new heights!


*These templates are designed for your use only.  It is strongly advised that you have your own legal representative review and add/remove any legalese specific to your niche and jurisdicion.

This content is licensed exclusively to paying members. Please do not redistribute.

Ultimate Photo Manager Bundle Deal

$475.00 Regular Price
$425.00Sale Price
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